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August 2013

Anastasiu, Heather Glitch
Anastasiu, Heather Override
Anastasiu, Heather Shutdown
Anthony, Jessica Chopsticks
Bardugo, Leigh Seige and Storm
Carmichael, Clay Brother, Brother
Carson, Rae Bitter Kingdom: The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Carter, Rachel This Strange and Familiar Place: A So Close to You Novel
Carter, Rachel So Close to You
Gray, Claudia Spellcaster
Grisham, John Theodore Boone: The Acitvist
Hautman, Pete The Obsidian Blade
Hautman, Pete The Cydonian Pyramid
Haydu, Corey Ann OCD Love Story
King, A. S. Ask the Passengers
Lazear, Suzanne Charmed Vengeance
McCafferty, Megan Jessica Darling’s It List #1: The (Totally Not) Guaranteed Guide to Popularity, Prettiness & Perfection
Mullin, Mike Ashen Winter
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Now I’ll Tell You Everything
North, Phoebe Starglass
O’Brien, Annemarie Lara’s Gift
Ockler, Sarah The Book of Broken Hearts
Parker, Amy Gated
Patrick, Cat Just Like Fate
Quick, Matthew Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
Ross, Elizabeth Belle Epoque
Schneider, Robyn The Beginning of Everything
Shaw, Liane The Color of Silence
Shusterman, Neal Antsy Does Time
Shusterman, Neal Ship Out of Luck
Sise, Katie The Boyfriend App
Smith, Hilary Wild Awake
Zevin, Gabrielle All These Things I’ve Done
Zevin, Gabrielle Because It Is My Blood

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